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Special DAY!

Tomorrow is ied mubarok!
Well, in my country there are many tradition about it to celebrate.

For example The day before ied mubarok, every corner of the street kidos will playing petasan it mean a firecracker a ‘little bomb’. Wait a minute, kidos? YES. Dont get me wrong, kidos love that thing. Even its illegal, but its fun! Sometimes police just ignore it because its not too dangerous. But still.. :p

Well, for food, there is KETUPAT. Every single muslim’s home must have it. Ketupat is a type of dumpling made from rice packed inside woven some type of leaf. If u want to eat that, opor ayam mean chicken with coconut milk added sambal goreng kentang or ati mean potatoes/ liver fried chilli must be in your plate!! I guarantee thats delicious :)

The last is, MUDIK!! Wohooo.
This is so important. Mudik mean u come back to where u belong, where u grew up. Sometimes this word described as u got successful business in big city n because eid ul fitr is special day for forgive each other, it would be nice if u come back to see ur family n forgiveness.. its like reminder for u to not become arrogant..
In here, thats a massive a cars who fulled in street, highway and im sure traffic everywhere on the way to countryside!

Only in Indonesia u can find that things here. :)

Anyway, the point is we apologize for some mistake we made. And Im so sorry to all of my family, my friends for what ive done n im so sorry for u because of my english who look horrible for u, but at least im trying :p

Let’s celebrate!