Hola, my name is Nita. This blog like lil diary for me (one of place to ESCAPE FROM REALITY :p). I shared everything from what i thought, felt, did, and so on.. because I just try to make the most out of my life.. Basically i love great words, weird things could be great, Cant live without updated news, history, science, and music! big dreamer, and traveler too! feel free to ask me. So, Enjoy!
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May I love myself just as I am
May I be truly happy
May I find peace in this uncertain world
May my happiness continue to grow
May I have happiness and be the cause of happiness
May I live in peace
May I be free from sorrow
May I be free of physical suffering
May I care for myself with ease
May I love and be loved
Dear one, may you be happy and content By The Buddha, 450 B.C.E. (via superhomogay)